Here are some common questions (and the answers!) we’ve received from Good Night Snore Blokkers customers!

Who are Good Night Health?

Good Night Health is dedicated to helping you achieve the best sleep you can, with our range of specialist products that address specific sleep problems. We recognise the importance of sleep and its benefits for the all-round health of your mind and body. Find out more here.

What are Snore Blokkers made from?

Snore Blokkers are made from High Quality Medical Grade Memory Foam for easy and painless insertion into the ear canal.


How quiet are they exactly?

Good Night Snore Blokkers have and NRR (noise reduction rating) of 32 Decibels when fitted correctly.

How long do Snore Blokkers last?

A pair of Good Night Snore Blokkers will last for one or two uses and should then be discarded. Each box contains 20 pairs.