A Short History of Ear Plugs


Have you ever thought about the history of ear plugs? Possibly not top of your need to know list of facts. Ear plugs are one of those useful little inventions that help us in lots of different ways and yet don’t seem to enjoy much kudos or effusive approbation. We all discover that we can block out sound by sticking our fingers in our ears pretty much by ourselves. Sticking something else in our ears so that we have our hands free seems like a natural progression.

It’s thought that the use of ear plugs was first documented in Homer’s Odyssey. With Circe advising Odysseus to instruct his men to use beeswax to block their ears as they sail past the Sirens, so the men can’t hear the Sirens’ call luring them to their deaths.

Mankind seems to be left to his own devises up until the early 20th Century whether it be with beeswax, wool or cotton, whatever the substance, it needed to stop sound and be retrievable when you wanted to hear again!

In 1907 wax earplugs were manufactured for the first time by inventor Max Newgar and sold through his company Ohropax (a combination of the German and Latin words for ear and peace). Growing his business on the back of the German love of quiet, he sold to hospitals and factories and to soldiers in the first world war. Such was the demand and success of the product that the business is still going today.

1962 saw the next milestone for earplugs, with the invention of moldable silicone from which Ray and Cecelia Benner created ear plugs which they sold as Mack’s pillow soft earplugs. Their principle advantage over wax being that these silicone plugs did not melt in heat. So successful was this product that like Ohropax, Mack’s earplugs are also still going strong today.

This was swiftly followed in 1967 with the invention of energy absorbing resin, developed by Ross Garner and a team of researchers it evolved into the first memory foam, which was used in earplugs for the first time in 1972 in the E.A.R. Classic and these too are still on the market today!

Whether it be beeswax, wool, cotton, wax, silicone or foam, mankind has always looked for ways to block out noise (and water) and Snore Blokkers Ear Plugs for Sleep Apnea is proud to be part of that story.

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