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Unlike harder ear plugs on the market, which can be extremely uncomfortable to wear for any length of time, Snore Blokkers are made from high quality medical grade soft foam, which expands to fit comfortably in the ear ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Each Pack contains 20 pairs. With a handy and discreet travel case for convenient storage when away from home. Easy to insert and comfortable to wear buy Snore Blockkers from Good Night and solve the problem of what to do when your partner snores.


We know the absolute frustration at being unable to sleep due to the less than dulcet sound of your beloved, snoring their way through the land of nod.

If you try to stop someone from snoring you will invariably have to wake them up and - let’s face it - who’s at their best being woken from a deep sleep, only to be told ‘you’re making too much noise.’ It’s a recipe for disaster, at the very least a recipe for a frosty morning at the breakfast table over the Frosties!

Did you know 25% of married couples report they sleep separately because of interrupted sleep, with snoring being cited as the number one problem.

Here at Good Night Health we have a simple yet extremely effective solution.

Snore Blokkers foam ear plugs fit snugly into the ear canal, blocking out the snores, grunts and snorts of your other half, providing the peace and quiet you need for a good night’s sleep with the promise of a good morning to follow.

Who’d have thought something so tiny could have such a large impact on your sleep. Snore Blokkers Ear Plugs for Sleep.

Good Night Snore Blokkers Ear Plugs for Sleep not only promote quality sleep while your partner snores, but as many of our customers have told us they are great for other situations where you need to reduce ambient noise.

Working Outdoors

ideal for those subject to and needing to alleviate the loud and continuous hum of traffic. This does not include dogs. Please do NOT give Snore Blokkers to your dog! Got that? Good.


for those who dislike water in their ears. They’re safe to use in chlorinated water.

Music Concerts

when you want to avoid that ringing in your ears after a particularly loud gig.

Motorcycle journeys

to help protect against hearing damage and discomfort associated with constant wind rushing noise and loud exhausts.

Air Travel

to reduce the sound of the engine noise and reduce ear pressure when landing.

Sleeping in noisy hotel rooms

perfect if you find yourself in a room with noisy neighbours or on a busy street, after all not everyone in a hotel is on holiday!

What Our Customers Think

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I don’t have a problem sleeping, it’s the falling asleep that gets me due to my husband’s snoring, which was off the scale and taking its toll on me. It was the prospect of separate beds that made me finally go out and buy some and I have to say they’ve been absolutely brilliant. I’ve no idea why I waited so long. I feel great.

Marion Dunning

I’d tried every product out there to get him to stop snoring and he rejected them all for one reason or another. These really were a last resort, but they actually do work and I’m so grateful! Thank you Snore Blokkers, you’ve given me my sleep back.

Louise Bradstock

I travel a lot for my job and there’s nothing worse than a noisy hotel room when you need to get some good sleep before an important meeting the next day. I can’t travel without Snore Blokkers, they come with a handy little travel case which I keep in my wash bag so I don’t forget them.


Jason Ridley

Good Night Snore Blokkers some questions answered

What are Good Night Snore Blokkers made from?


Good Night Snore Blokkers are made from high quality medical grade foam for easy and painless insertion into the ear canal.

How quiet are they exactly?

Good Night Snore Blokkers have and NRR (noise reduction rating) of 32 Decibels when fitted correctly.

How long do they last?

Good Night Snore Blokkers last for one or two uses and should then be discarded. Each box contains 20 pairs.

Good Night Snore Blokkers High Quality Medical Grade Ear Plugs, for when you need a quieter life.


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